Performance Audit

We analyze the strategic, financial, and operational aspects of your education business from the perspective of a seasoned education expert, identify value levers, optimisation measures, and future potential, and then propose concrete steps for achieving these objectives in the short and long term.

Included in the Performance Audit are:

  • Initial interviews
    In the initial three online meetings, we examine the financial situation (revenue, contribution margins in the various educational fields, EBITDA, cash flow, etc.) as well as your strategic and financial goals. Simultaneously, we examine the availability and quality of the marketing and sales-related KPIs, as well as the key figures on education quality. On the basis of the availability of information, the audit scope, objectives, and fee are determined. The chief financial officer and the marketing director usually sit in on the second and third interviews.
  • Conducting the audit
    We conduct a Financial Assessment, an Educational Audit, and a Strategy Check based on the initial situation and the agreed-upon objectives. We consider not only the bare numbers, but also the quality of the information and the management and information processes involved, which are crucial for maximizing performance potential. The initial phase determines whether the audit should be conducted on-site.
  • Reporting
    On request, the final report is presented to the management and/or the supervisory board/board of directors following its presentation to the internal client. This report contains crystal-clear action recommendations, including recommendations on priorities and, whenever possible, quantified information on the targeted value enhancement potential and optimization opportunities.

Value-based compensation. As a continuance of the Performance Audit, agreement can be reached on the Performance Program.

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What educational leaders say about Edupolis Founder Stefan Leuenberger

Stefan is an expert on both the Swiss and global education markets. As a visionary and strategist, he is an ideal companion for investors in the education sector.

Lukas Bosshart, former Managing Director HSO Business School Switzerland

Stefan has profound knowledge of both the Swiss and international education systems, and he is adept at anticipating changes.

Michel Vinzens, Managing Director SIB Schweizerisches Institut für Betriebsökonomie

Time- and results-based costs, EUR 7'200 initially