Acceleration Coaching

Fast-track your leadership transition in the competitive educational arena. By sidestepping common challenges and navigating potential pitfalls, you'll be primed for success. 

Our Acceleration Coaching program involves the following:

  • Transition Coaching (90 Days)
    Begin your journey with weekly sessions designed to give you a robust start in your new leadership role. Under the mentorship of an executive coach, develop a 90-day action plan that focuses on achieving early victories and paving the way for a promising leadership trajectory in the educational industry.
  • Performance Coaching 
    Transition into a stage of continued growth and impact with monthly meetings designed to maintain the momentum built in the initial phase. Here, you will focus on addressing current challenges and driving forward strategic initiatives with skill and finesse. 
  • Instant Consulting
    At any stage of the program, you have the option to avail instant consulting, allowing you to address unforeseen challenges promptly. This feature ensures that you are never alone in your journey, providing timely insights and solutions to keep you on the path to success.

The Acceleration Coaching program was created for decision-makers in a competitive educational market environment (senior management, entrepreneurs). Stefan Leuenberger, the founder of Edupolis, leads the program.

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What educational leaders say about Edupolis Founder Stefan Leuenberger

Well-connected and with entrepreneurial acumen, Stefan is the go-to guy for navigating through the competitive educational landscape.

Niklaus Müller, CEO Didac Schulen AG

Stefan is an education business expert who possesses the foresight and entrepreneurial spirit required to create impact. And it's a pleasure to work with him.

Sandra von May-Granelli, Owner and CEO Feusi Bildungszentrum AG

EUR 9'000 for the first 90 days, then EUR 3'600 quarterly